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Action of finger-pressure,moxa cautery, massage, warm heat and pain-relief ShinJin CHAOS
CHAOS is modernized from moxa cautery and chiropractic by several clinical tests. Finger-pressure, Thermotherapy, Massaging Relieving pain, Promoting blood-circulation,refreshing, Activating metabolism.

Structure of CHAOS
Innovative Rotating Thermal Steel Balls licensed in 5 countries.
Thermal balls on the curved guide-rail are moving under spinal curvature.
Soft and better chiropractic effect with the guide-rail biologically designated for Spinal curvature.
Scientific and Safe
Heat generated from internal rediator is transmitted to the magnet, and to steel balls and to human body. This is scientific and safe thermal transmission system.
Excellent Magnetic Effect
Making the useful magnetic field for human by scientifically improved magnetic Radiator.
The infrared ray thermal stone
Infrared Ray penetrates deeply into human body and raises temperature or subcutaneous fat by creating heat-reaction.
Convenient control panel and Remote control
Easy to use control panel and remote control.
*Auto1 : The waist program
Concentating thermal massage on the waist after 3 times of Round-moving.
*Auto2 : The stepping program
Thermal massaging for 90 seconds each part after 3 times of Round-moving.
*Auto3 : Round-moving program
Continuous 24 times of round-moving.
T.E.N.S.(Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator)
Normal T.E.N.S. is representative physical therapy used in medical center and low-frequency is used for nerve system and high frequency is used for muscle or joints.
CHAOS takes this matter into account and suppliment automatic System (Auto T.E.N.S)from 3Hz to 100Hz effective for pain-relief Of nerve disease such as paralysis and for recovery.
Slient CHAOS
Noise is minimized by D.C. motor and timing velt system and durability is improved.
Model HL-2500
Power AC 220V / 60Hz
Power Consumption 220W
Applying temperature 30°C~70°C±3°C
Weight 37kg
Dimention 600(W) x 1,820(L) x 100(H) mm
Treatment Area