Home CareTWO TWO MORE : HL-308

Apply the functions of negative ion, low frequency and warming massage at the same time. The Two Two More improves the physical constitution by changing the acidified nature of human body into alkali through applying the negative ion which is useful to human body. The Two Two More is the integrated health maintenance device for domestic use with the added function of finger pressure massage utilizing the low frequency electric current and magnetic force which soothe the various pains by stimulating the blood circulation.

The effect of improving the blood circulation using negative ions.
Soothing the pains and recovery from fatigue by low frequency stimuli.
The effects of multi penetrating action and rolling massage utilizing the warming heat and magnetic force simultaneously.
Model HL-308
Power AC 220V / 60Hz
Power Consumption 140W
Output of electric potential treatment 3000V, 5000V, 7000V, 9000V
Low frequency current max. 68mA
Low frequency for treatment 3Hz ~ 100Hz
Timer 1 ~ 99 min.
Safety system Zero Start Circuit, Circuit breaker of over currenct
Weight 20kg
Dimention 420(W) x 305(L) x 185(H) mm
The examples of negative ion treatment / The diagram for the influential electric field