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Shortwave Diathermy
Short wave! The thermal heating of mysterious short wave will maintain your health through warming from inside of your body.
shortwave+low frequency+negative ion
It is a multi purposed cutting edge medical instrument which helps the smooth metabolism of the body mainly on the internal organs utilizing the principle of short wave, low frequency ion electrostatic therapy based on 45 years of tradition, reliable trust and creative technological competence.

Short Wave: The short wave stimuli of SHINJIN Shortwave Diathermy HL-3100 helps to activate the functions of cells, recover from diseases and maintain the health utilizing the short wave of 2.7 MHz per second and warms the internal body penetrating into the deep parts which expands the capillary vessel improving the blood circulation and accelerate the metabolism.
Ion Stimulus : the ion stimulus from HL-3100 is designed for improving the natural healing power which protects from the unbalance of body caused by the pollutions of air and water, mental stress, lack of physical exercise and excessive nutrition and maintains the health by improving one's physical constitution.
Low Frequency : The low frequency of HL-3100 is designed for the experience of pleasant massage effects of tapping, massaging and pushing esupported by the AUTO mode of 3 Hz and 100 Hz. It reduces the pain and relives the muscular pain from the aches of shoulder and waist, paralysis of peripheral nerve, neuralgia and muscular pains and makes the smooth blood circulation.

The usual physical therapy of warming (such as paraffin therapy and hot pack therapy etc) is poor at the penetration of thermal heating into the body which transmits the heat from the exterior body into the internal body gradually. However, the short wave therapy improves the artery expansion, killing bacteria, inhibiting the inflammation, soothing the pain, recovery from fatigue and blood circulation by the mechanism of warming from inside to outside highly penetrated thermal energy. It helps to soothe the muscular pain, stress on the muscles and the diseases of stomach and internal organs.
Model HL-3100
Power AC 220V / 60Hz
Power Consumption 140W
Form 1st grade BF type device
Low Frequency 3Hz, 100Hz , AUTO(3~100Hz)
Frequency of short wave 27MHz
Electric potential output voltage 1,100V
Electric potential local induction output 500V
Timer 1 minute ~ 99 minutes (Initial setting 20 minutes)
Safety device Zero start mechanism
Circuit breaker for over current in low frequency
Circuit breaker for over voltage in short wave
Circuit breaker for over current in electric potential
How to use
HL-3100 Accessory