Physical TherapyIon physical therapy : HEALTHION H-30000

Device of ion physical therapy, HEALTHION. The super effects on various diseases!
It is excellent against diabetics, high blood pressure, stomach and internal organs and neuralgia! The ion healing method was originated from Fran Klin of USA(1707 ~ 1790) and it was studied by the clinical tests on the relation between negative current and physiological ion. The ion healing method activates the overall symptoms caused by the blood acidification and makes the metabolism strongly. The medical effects were verified by the use of millions of patients in every counties of Europe and America including Japan. The Japanese have used the ion device of 1 MV and 30 kV in the medical institutions for long time. The device shows the miracle of human natural healing power by activation of cells.

It is the special electric potential instrument utilizing the high voltage of 30 kV(AC) which penetrates into the parts with pain and stress from various diseases. The useful high electric voltage system created inside of the main frame of HEALTHION gives the useful stimuli and effects on the muscles, blood, nerve system by electrification on the entire body through electric band. Accordingly, it has the super effects on the diseases of adult, special diseases, senile diseases, diabetics, high blood pressure, stomach and internal organs and neuralgia. It does not show any side effects from treatment. The short time using for twenty minutes a day gives the excellent treatment effect.
Clinical demonstration
The traditional Oriental Hospital of Daejeon University (February 1, 1991 ~ April 15, 1991) and Shinhwa Hospital (February 1, 1991 ~ March 30, 1991) verified the effects on diabetics, high blood pressure, chronic diseases of stomach and internal organs and neuralgia through the clinical demonstration.
Model H-30000
Power AC 220V / 60Hz
Power Consumption 1.15A ± 10%
electric power control Input voltage control of high voltage transformer : 10V ~ 240V
Voltage for treatment 30kV
Output voltage from transformer 30kV / 20mA
Electric current in circuit short 6.5mA ± 10%