Physical TherapyMicrowave Diathermy : SMT-250

Microwave Diathermy

Micro wave diathermy can be applied to the treament portion of a patient with clothes just by turning radiator to the treatment portion.
Medical treatment can be carried out with pleasantness and thermal effects lasting 30 to 60minutes after heating
Micro waves penetrate deeper into tissues, muscles and bone, Thereby enhancing local blood circulation in muscles. Subcutaneous organization and others can be warmed evenly Without heating the skin excessively
In starting the magnetron, the machine works as soon as the Switch is turned on
Model SMT-250
Power AC 220V / 60Hz
Power Consumption 900VA(Max)
Oscillation frequency 2,450MHz±10%
Output Power continuously 0-200W
Timer 0 ~ 30 minutes
Maganetron Medical use
Weight 50Kg approx.
Dimention 455(W) x 325(L) x 830(H) mm