Physical TherapyUltra Sonic Therapy : SUS-2N

Ultra Sonic Therapy
option : small head

Thermal effects of ultrasonic waves are the most excellent in the deep penetration of all the thermotherapy methods available.
Deep massage effects by ultrasonic wave together with thermal effects promote material renewal of the treatment portion of a patient.
The output meter accurately indicates the raidiation quantity is clearly set.
The sonic conductive element has an angle which is obtainedfrom various data and which is optimum for treatment.
Furthermore, this unit is designed with sufficient considerationto resist highly against water.
Model SUS-2N
Power AC 220V / 60Hz
Power Consumption 30W
Ultrasonic frequency 1MHz
Ultrasonic Output 3W/cm2 (Max)
Ultrasonic form continuous/pulsed (Mode on)
Automatic time limit equipment TIME-SW(5min)
Weight 5 kg
Dimention 340(W) x 295(D) x 95(H)mm