Physical TherapyInterferential Current Therapy : SJ-6000

Interferential Current Therapy
Efficiency in time, material and human resources with dual simultaneous therapy Best effective and various therapy region by selecting several size of cup-shaped (big, medium size) Interferential wave occurs by using basic frequency(Sine wave)of 4,000Hz and 4,000Hz+(0.5~120)Hz and it gives the soft stimulation to the depth of tissue. Selecting the stimulations from current program(Manual, Mode 1~7)on switch section.

Dual simultaneous therapy at same time.
Soft and effective treatment with up-dated function.
Automatical setting-up(7 kinds of frequency)
Vacuum and suction Effect.
Model SJ-6000
Power AC 220V/60Hz
Power Consumption 80W
Output Current Less than 60mA
Output wave form Sine wave
Basic Frequency ? 4,000Hz
Treatment Frequency 1Hz~120Hz
Timer 1 ~ 99 min.
Suction power 9cmHg ~ 25cmHg
Vacuum Mode 1.2sec. ~ 5.0sec.
Weight 10kg
Dimention 400(W) x 350(L) x 1,250(H)mm